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Originally Posted by TyCaine View Post
Quick question, and probably sounds silly, but do any of you allow cell or smart phones in your Twilight games which are set later than 2000?

I run a MERC campaign set in Africa so both Cell phones and Smartphones are allowed. My guys use the African version of Tracphones because they get damaged easily (usually by submersion in water) and your position can be triangulated by using them. They are the ultimate recon and spy tool though...

Audio Recorders/bugs
camera and video recorder
GPS or Compass
Commo including group chats
data transfer/texting (clandestine commo)
internet searches and information recall
access to maps and phonebooks
detonators (with the appropriate Electronics skill)

What you would allow would be based on how late into the 2000's you go.

Cellular phones without any form of internet access would be fairly common around 2000. The reception would be spotty in most cases.

Internet-capable flip phones would be available AFTER 2000.

The Smartphone (and most tablets) didn't exist until 2010.

This means that nobody is downloading any files before 2010 unless they have a laptop. I saw laptops in military service during the First Gulf War (they were called Toughbooks) and they were HEAVY. They were also scarce being used by fire direction and commo guys. Laptops were more common in the first decade of the 21st Century.
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