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I grant you, I'm bit late with the notification, but...

27 Dec 19

In Indian Attack Helicopters (a new page), the HAL Dhruv has been added.

In Czech Tracked EV, the VT-72M4 ARV has been added.

In Chinese Tracked APCs, the Type 05 has been added.

The TAMSE TAM has been removed from the German Tracked LCVs page and moved to a new page, Argentine Tracked LCVs, where the entry has been greqatly expanded and corrected.

In Croatian MRLs, the page has been almost totally rewritten, with the M-92 Vulkan added.

In Czech MRLs, The RM-70 has been greatly expanded, and the Excalibur Arms BM-21MT has been added.

In Egyptian MRLs, entries have been corrected and fleshed out.

In Russian SP Guns, the 1K17 Szhatie "Laser Tank" has been added.

In British Tanks, the Challenger Series has had added two possible Challenger 2 upgrades and a fictional variant -- the Megatron, the Black Night, and the ADUT.

In Austrian Medium Unarmored Vehicles, the Steyr Pinzgauer HMATV has been added.

In Best APCs that Never Were, the Avro Bobcat was added.

I have tried a new idea, ECM & Stealth in T2K Rules, as a house rule/add-on. I will begin incorporating these ruels as time goes by -- of course, health and activities mean that this will implement slowly. In addition, some of the aircraft and helicopters have had their AV ratings restored -- this list will again grow as time goes by.
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