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How about getting eaten by a Crocodile?

I have my players generate TWO characters for my games. When one character is badly wounded or otherwise not playable, OR for certain situations where a different MOS is a "better fit," the player simply switches PCs and continues on with the alternate character. I even had one player who chose to believe his two characters HATED each other and got into a fight whenever their paths crossed.

One of my players was playing their alternate PC and tried to swim across a river in the Congo to escape some insurgents who were chasing the party. The chance of a Wilderness encounter was a 1 in 20. I rolled a 1. The critter in question? A Nile Croc! The other PC (covering the 1st PC's escape swim) watched in horror as his partner was dragged under, tenderized, and eaten. He decided surrender was preferable to being eaten alive...
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