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I have always said if there is one thing that needs to be rewritten and admit they made an error in the game is Belgium whole heartedly joining France in an invasion of the Netherlands and Germany. There is no way that the Flemish area of Belgium joins up for that. You would have had a lot of Flemish soldiers saying screw this and joining the Netherlands in their fight against the French.

I.e. they need to show Belgian units breaking up, some soldiers either refusing orders, deserting, shooting their officers and mutinying, you name it as part of the timeline. But what you get instead is Belgium in lockstep with the French invading and taking over a large part of the Netherlands and apparently the whole Belgian Army saying sure why not.

I suspect there would have been a hell of a lot of insubordination at the very least - and possibly some flat out conflict where Flemish soldiers or units joined the other side.
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