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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
"Norway: Is divided and ravaged by ongoing war. Southern parts are held by NATO/Norwegian forces led by the norwegian king. There was a failed offensive against Narvik(?) that was beaten back by remaining WP-forces."

Based on the writeup in Boomer it sounds more like that offensive succeeded
Ah! Thank for the note, I'll read up exactly what it says there. But even with Narvik back in the hands of norwegians, Norway are still in a bad spot.

Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
I'm pretty sure Going Home mentions that the Danish Jutland division returned home in the autumn of 2000 to perform local security functions. This, to me at least, implies that it wouldn't be a failed state, but one that has recused itself from the continuing conflict to focus on recovery.

I've done a write up regarding Sweden's subtle attempts to gain influence in central Europe through diplomatic, economic, and military means. See Post #25:
Thank you! Still points towards that Denmark, if not failed, it doesn't feel well. Mildly speaking. Would you agree on the notion that Denmark is likely reduced early in the war by conventional means to deny NATO easy access into the Baltics?

And your post about the swedes operating in northern Poland is what started this ball rolling =)
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