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Originally Posted by Lurken View Post
Thank you! Still points towards that Denmark, if not failed, it doesn't feel well. Mildly speaking. Would you agree on the notion that Denmark is likely reduced early in the war by conventional means to deny NATO easy access into the Baltics?
Yes, I reckon that the Soviets hit the ports with heaps of conventional munitions (and a few Spetznaz raids), and harbors/channels would be extensively mined. I'm quite surprised that canon doesn't have Denmark being nuked at all (AFAIK).

So yeah, Danish infrastructure would be badly damaged, and Denmark would be suffering from fuel and food shortages as well. Compared to its neighbors, however, I think it would be in relatively decent shape. I don't think that it would be a failed state.

Originally Posted by Lurken View Post
And your post about the swedes operating in northern Poland is what started this ball rolling =)
That's awesome.

I too am feeling inspired. This thread has got me thinking about creating a proper Nordic Sourcebook.

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