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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
Definitely - I have talked to people who I work with who are in Belgium to get their opinion- several of whom were in the Belgian Army in the 1990's - and to a man they said that there is no way that the Flemish soldiers - who by the way make up close to half the army - would have joined any invasion of the Netherlands no matter what they got ordered.

And any French officer who came into their barracks to order them to do it would have had a very short and bullet riddled lifespan along with anyone who came with him.

And just looking at the strength of the Belgian Units shows you that there was a lot of defections

Per Canon - 1st Belgian Division - 4000 men and NO Tanks - they had 111 Leopard tanks - they lost them all? The 16th Belgian - another 111 Leopard tanks - and by 2000 all gone?

And only 8600 men in the two divisions by 2000? For forces that per canon only fought the Netherlands units and ones that were vastly understrength when the French invaded? That tells you right there that a lot of men defected or sabotaged a lot of the Belgian Army's tanks.
So a Free Flemish Army could have been created in un-occupied Netherlands.
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