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Having run many different systems, the differences in game mechanics basically comes down to how much interaction is just an abstraction and how much is a simulation.

There are systems where your character has very generalized traits described with words where the players and GM develope the story that way with no dice at all.

Then there are systems like FATE Core where you have minimal stats and dice that just sort of edge toward success or failure.

Then you have things like D&D where you have a set of stats and abilities that you can use in mostly non-specialized ways, used in special classes, progress in levels, and combat is an abstraction with weapons that are mostly the same.

Then there are games like Morrow Project where your character has stats and skills that define them. You have no levels or classes, just your degree of ability in the skills you pick. Weapons and combat are less abstracted with damage being greatly simulated to mimic real life.

In the end, they all tell stories. The differences in the mechanic make it easy to find one that suits your preferences. That's my opinion anyway.
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