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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
Not as long as the Chinese and North Korean armies along with the Iranians keep the idea of mass human wave infantry attacks alive as part of their training of their armies. Its either cluster munitions and land mines or you have to use nukes to stop attacks like that on the scale they have done in the past.
You don't need any of the above to stop mass human wave infantry. Intelligent use of obstacles (eg barbed wire), automatic weapons, and tube/rocket artillery (especially airburst rounds) can get the job done. Sure, the systems you mention can also be effective, if used probably, but think about how effective the trenches of WWI were at stopping infantry attacks, and that was before landmines saw common, large-scale usage.

I don't think you'd want to use tac-nukes to stop mass human wave infantry attacks, mostly because you can't really do so without harming your own troops. If you can hit troop assembly areas well behind the front lines, then maybe it'd be worth considering but that's about it.

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