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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
I agree - bike infantry is a great way to give you better mobility but it has the same issues that motorcycle infantry had - but without the greater speed to get out of dodge if you get ambushed - on the other hand they are much quieter than powered vehicles so they do make for good scout vehicles

as for the routes - depends what types of bikes you have - i.e. a mountain bike is literally the "roads, where we are going we dont need roads" kind of vehicle - its not a jeep but its better than just walking

and considering the authors of the canon went out of their way to mention cities still making bicycles its pretty much implied they are being used a lot by 2001
My question is how much weight can a decent mountain bike hold before having issues with welds, bending of tires or what not? I have seen some large people on mountain bikes (not sure quality of bike) that the wheels are no longer round, and just using me as an example when I was in fighting shape I was between 230lbs and 250lbs and then add in the combat gear my vest in 2003 weighed in at about 75lbs, add ten more for rifle, pistol and helmet and we are looking at 315lbs to 335lbs (and I was not the largest by far in my unit, kind of on the smaller side of average). I know very little about bikes, but back to my question how well will the bikes hold up to that weight when going down trails and hitting bumps and such? I can see them working much better in WWII time when one the average person was lighter and the combat load was much lighter, but I am also willing to say I may be missing a major factor that I know nothing about.
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