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Default Movement in Twilight V2.2

One thing this Thread highlights for me is the very general way Twilight2000 handles movement. I use movement as a plot device in my campaigns so I tie it to the Character's physical Characteristic scores.

A Character can march a number of Kilometers per HOUR (X4 for period movement) equal to THE AVERAGE (rounding down) of that Character's STR, CON and AGL (ie STR+CON+AGL/3). So a perfectly average Character can move 5km per hour (20km per period).

A Riding Animal (4 legged) can move THE AVERAGE of their STR, CON, and AGL (I assign these to horses, mules, camels etc...) BUT a rider can push his mount (with a skill roll AND a risk of injuring the mount) to move up to THE TOTAL of STR, CON, and AGL. So an average animal being pushed COULD average 15km per HOUR (60km per 4 hour Period).

A Character can ride a bike a total number of Kilometers equal to the TOTAL of STR, CON, and AGL per HOUR (X4 per Period). Thus a perfectly average Character could do 15km per hour (60km per Period).

This gets really fun when you have elderly civilians and young children (who have scores of 1 or 2) whom you are trying to evacuate in the face of an advancing enemy force.
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