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The first and most obvious force multiplier for the Project is portable fusion power. Their vehicles have effectively unlimited endurance and they can power entire communities. They're obviously durable enough to be operational after 150 years without maintenance. Setting those aside...

Accurate Time Keeping
With accurate clocks and watches Project personnel can conduct all sorts of distributed synchronous operations. They also have the key to long distance navigation and mapping. Being able to attack an enemy formation on multiple fronts simultaneously is a huge advantage. Even if the enemy has perfect communications they can be convinced the attacking force is several times its real size.

Night Vision
Combined with accurate time keeping this can be a devastating combination. Attacking an enemy in the middle of the night from multiple directions can easily turn into a rout. It's also demoralizing to know there's no safe time of day. This is even more true in an environment where the enemy force doesn't have spot lights or even flashlights for night vision. It also lets you readily travel at night making a small force incredibly hard to track down.

Having long lines of communication is huge multiplier but near instant long lines is even better. Project personnel can coordinate instantly over long distances with no pre-existing infrastructure. They have an advantage in everything from military operations to trade. Just knowing how radio works is important. Project personnel could build simple radios for friendly settlements (booby trapped against tampering) to communicate with each other and concealed Project forces.

Good Optics
Telescopes, binoculars, and the like increase the intelligence gathering range of Project forces. While survivors might have scratch built or recovered optics, the Project is likely to have way better versions. Even just good optics on rifles can make for more accurate direct fire than iron sights. If a MARS team can have accurate fire at twice the range of an approaching enemy they're at a huge advantage. I'd also count aiming lasers in here. Non-combat teams in close quarters can have more accurate fire than their specialties would suggest.
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