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Originally Posted by Targan
I see your point but this sounds like a guy whose entire life probably revolves around diving and it took three years of preparation for that one attempt. For a Merc:2000 mission you're probably going to have personnel who have a slightly broader skills set at the expense of extreme niche specialisation. And your average Merc:2000 mission is more likely to have a prep time of three weeks than three years. On the other hand a sufficiently well connected, cashed up Merc team could certainly seek to recruit elite standard divers and support personnel.
it will be your usual ramshackle operation that ends in a fervent display of ungallant gunplay before we speed of -probably leaving a team member down there to decompress with whats left in his tanks before he has to resurface to where the enemy as anchored ...

no PCs are "tecnical divers" as far as I know -2-4 points I guess .Should make the average rolls quite interesting at 150 meters depths..


better bring a back up PC
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