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Originally Posted by rcaf_777 View Post
This is a great story

Getting lots of Ideas

I like 13th Armored Cavalry Regiment, American Liberation Army and Political Security Department. I wonder if you see them in the Twlight World.

I am also thinking the Red Dawn as described here would make a great alternate opening and setting to Twlight 2000. Just change the place and Division. I think the would be the same.

The M-60A4 looks like a fun vehcile that maybe you see in post twilight america?

There is a lot of material here that could be incorporated into T2K, and in fact Matt's presentation of the Red Dawn storyline is more enjoyable and maybe a bit more realistic than T2K itself. I've never been all that comfortable with some aspects of T2K, particularly the nuclear overkill. I think the whole game would be a lot more enjoyable or even believable if there was only a limited nuclear exchange.
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