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"The Starving Theater Artist" (aka nomuse) has posted to his blog about the 3D print:

Keep in mind we deliberately left off:
  • the gun barrel (too small to print well, we'll use some metal rod)
  • the grille on the exhaust
  • various jerry cans (we'll stick on some from the parts box)
  • the spotlight over the main gun
  • external weapons at the crew hatches (also coming from the parts box)

Note also that, for my campaign, the V150 hulls are fitted with the raised 'collar' around the rear hatch, to allow the fitting of better gun mounts. I'm also adding a mesh 'basket' on the rear of the turret, for some external stowage.

Found a couple useful images -- destroyed V150 in South Sudan:


and as far as I can tell the only way to carry a spare tire (I've heard of this before, this is the first picture I've seen):

Michael B.
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