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Long time lurker. Registered awhile back but never posted (life tends to get in the way). This site has been a weekly stop for me. You guys are awesome!

Long story short: I come from a military family save for my old man, LOVED v.1 back in the day, always wanted to serve, unable to get into USMC OBC after college (high standards+wayward youth=no soup for you), joined the NG in an unnamed midwestern state in a misguided fit of patriotism after 9/11, ended up doing a ton of DOMOPS (post-Katrina, post-Gustav, lots of stuff in my tornado prone state) plus a very interesting tour in HOA and now after, after completing resident CGSC and getting a very interesting occasional AGR tour, I've made a semi-career of it.

Introduced my sons to boardgames, strategy games (Axis and Allies, Mem. 44) at a young age, which led, to my wife's chagrin, to D&D. Told them a few years back about an RPG which was "Army, but after the apocalypse". Now that they are teens and we have watched Red Dawn, Black Hawk Down, The Last Ship, The Day After, By Dawn's Early Light, and Jericho, I recently started a modified V.1 campaign set in 2030. They love it. I've stolen a great deal from the ideas on this web site so now I need to give what little I can back. I hope I can contribute.
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