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The government knows the Project exists, but there is no clear indicator that they know anything else about them. We are not given much guidance, but considering the way governments tend to operate going into war, and considering that TMP is NOT designed to recreate the former US government nor explicitly obligated to obey it's orders, I would be astonished if they had any real idea what the Project was beyond thinking it similar to the Rich Five - a bunch of industrialists trying to save their asses through the war.

And the more the US government knows about and approves of the Project, the harder it is to justify keeping the Project small and manageable. When you start talking about Presidents and Cabinet members actively supporting the Project then the whole scarcity issue gets very hard to swallow. The Project would be flush with cash and supplies and supported in their concealment by elements of the government itself.

It occurs to me now that the Snake Eaters might have been frozen with a different primary mission - raising an insurgency against an anticipated post-nuke Russian invasion! The whole "watch out for the Morrow Project" might have been something slipped into their "wake up" briefing, a small update on a small rogue group that might be recruited for or against foreign invaders.
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