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The Project could probably have the 2000 workers building Prime Base be the members of a number of engineering teams that will be frozen on site and elsewhere. But this always come back to the secrecy. There are only so many ways you can hide tailings of that magnitude.

One option that would require a particular arrangement of circumstance is to hide the tailings in an existing underground hole, natural or man-made and abandoned. Case in point is the Chapin Mine in Michigan's UP in the Iron Mountain area. This mine was a very good source of iron ore until it was no longer cost effective to keep pumping water out of it. The "D" shaft alone had about 10 million cubic feet of material removed that filled with water once they stopped the pumps. If there are 10 foot ceilings in that 1.2 million sq ft base, then the tailings could be poured into this underground lake and none the wiser. But using an old mine like this would bring tourists and unwanted attention.

A natural cavern of this size that is undiscovered or unexplored for whatever reason near the construction site would be best and allow for a great reduction of the construction traffic above ground. You still have to move food and other material into the mine. Though this too could be minimized if the hydroponics area is finished early and starts supplying food for the base workers.

The some secrecy could be achieved this way, but this would still have to be an illegal mining operation to prevent a paper trail in government inspector offices.
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