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Default mao wants to know

i think it says all in the heading... dont you..? mao wants the information from the coroner..

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Again Mao Inc. has launched a new adventure as it currently is trying to get some of the japanese reconnaissance satelite contract for the 4th generation type.
This generation will implement Formosa-II technology used for the FY2005 satelites the taiwanese launched, witch gives it 50cm resolution, but this will be more improved for the FY2009-FY2011 satelites, which are the one MAO Inc. are trying to get contracts on.

"Even the size, of the satelite and propultion system, is getting an upgrade, as small satelites is more maneuverable." Mr. Mao said in a board meeting

The Mao ENERGY company will be working with this, and the private marked, as a priority.

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The energy facility of Golden, CO, have currently started talks with Mao ENERGY, as sharing a facility, gives great advantage in this field, money wise and intellectual.

Mao feels that energy should not be kept a secret, and is willing to share the advances in technology, with the "NREL Solar Energy Research Facility", so that a greener and better future will be made for all our children.

Mr. Mao`s hope for the future are high, as he lately have been hiring new and brilliant staff, but often unheard names.
But as Mr. Mao says: "popularity doesnt write a good book, it is the idea"

note to gm: need scientists, brilliant, and borderline crazy...
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