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Default Roll20 online 'Morrow Project-like' Game

One of my online GMs is running a game which is almost exactly Morrow Project.

The difference is that rather than using The Morrow Project rules he is using Mongoose 2 Traveller rules.

Here is the address

If you've not used Roll20 before it is a voice-over-internet site which has a 'table top emulator', a program which is a interactive map where you can move stuff around, give objects values, have fog-of-war, smart lights and line-of-sight etc. It also has character sheets that you punch the stats into that do the calculations for you and has little dice rollers of various types built in. It's quite nifty.

Players don't need to pay anything. I run a game on it for free too but I use only the basic level, at the 'pro' level you pay $100USD/year (!)
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