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Cool Introductions

I am Elf86. Never played T2K because the gaming interest in West Michigan was low at best, overrun by card gamers and W40K players!

Served in the 1991 Gulf War with the 24th Infantry Division as an infantryman sardined in the back of an M2 Bradley IFV. Three years in active service, earned my honorable discharge (wasn't easy). As I grow older, my heart (and imagination) feels I should have stayed in a try out for Special Forces. But I knew my limits.

Been gaming since age 11 back in the early 80's. Had several periods of inactivity due to lack of funds, poor computer capabilities, or the seven years of truck driving that eliminated any sort of a social life. Now a graduate of Miami University (Ohio) as the third OLDEST graduate in the class of 2014.

Let's roll some dice shall we?
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