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Originally Posted by Dogger View Post
Looking for any information on Australia during the war and after.
There is very little info about Australia and its region in 1st ed T2K (I'm not sure if there is much more info about Oz in versions 2 or 2.2). The invasion of the very far northern parts of Australia by Indonesia is mentioned in the Traveller 2300 timeline (which technically is T2K canon but has been disputed a fair bit in discussions by those on this board).

If you have a look through the thread map for this board you should be able to find a number of discussions about Australasia that we've had. Here are a few threads that contain musings on Australasia:

Oceania OOB
International Trade
Australia/New Zealand in the Twilight War

If you look at the threads in the DC Working Group section of the site map I seem to recall that there are some mentions of Australia there in terms of its use as a resupply point for US forces during the later part of the Twilight War.

You could use the search function at the top of the page as well to find mentions of Australia in our discussions over the years. I recall there have been many but its hard to remember which threads they came up in.
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