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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
Not all that much here worth nuking really, at least not unless it's a total nuclear war with ballistic missiles, etc.
A few smallish oil refineries, the odd industrial centre, and lots and lots and LOTS of wide open space with very little in it.
Although possessing targets that warranted nuking if located in Europe or N America, halfway around the world from the conflicts, Australia, especially in the latter stages of the war, isn't really going to be able to supply much to anyone (even ourselves).

As a target, we're a waste of nukes - New Zealand even more so.
Waste is all about perception. Those with lots of resources often are wasteful about the use of said resources. The USSR of 1997 has a spectacular number of warheads and delivery systems. The Soviets clearly aren't concerned about fair play: look at the pasting they give Canada. If we're to imagine that the Soviets smash virtually all of Canada's principal cities just to deny Canadian resources to the United States, then surely both Australia and New Zealand deserve a megaton or five. It's not like you guys will shoot back; nor are the Soviets short on warheads or delivery systems. Disrupting the main American forward bases in that part of the world is nothing more than a cheap insurance policy.


P.S. Sorry to sound like such an ugly Yank.
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