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Default Extra options

Originally Posted by Sanjuro View Post
I wish I'd had that page when I rolled my first character (imagine the stretch required to put a shot-down RAF pilot in amongst the 5th MID in Poland, 2 years after the air war ended... but that's another story).
One change I would suggest is that Aircrew (non-pilots) can be Officers or NCOs- if they are NCOs the minimum rank is usually Sergeant. This covers both the branches such as AEO that are usually NCO entrant, but from which it is possible to be commissioned, and Navigator and Fighter Controller (AWACS crew) who would begin as Officers.
Edited to add: how about another option in the RN/RM section: there must be someone out there who wants to play a Marine Bandsman!
Nice ideas.

I'll change the RAF options (about which to be honest I'm not an expert). As a quick fix for bandsmen use the template for medic (open to officers) as they are stretcher bearers as a second trade. This applies to all services (note that the is no RM bonus as they do not do the all Arms Course, instead use the Army package).
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