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I don't think either one of them is all that realistic, though I do like how in the v2 rules, you automatically miss with a portion of the burst as the range increases. At our last session of 2013, one of the PC's fired a 12.7mm Russian heavy machinegun, mounted on a vehicle, at a bad guy. Moving truck, at night, shooting at muzzle flashes. He was hoping to suppress the enemy long enough for the group to get away. I told him that realistically there was no way he was going to hit with more than one or two rounds out of the ten he fired, but go ahead and roll the dice anyway. He got something like seven hits on his target. Out of ten rounds. I was reminded of the GM's reaction in the scene in Gamers 2 when the bard tries to backstab the book and rolls a 1 on his hit roll, stabbing (and killing) himself. "That...was unprecedented."

I DO like how 2013 gives a bonus per round fired, and another when tracers are used. v2 rule is just too much dumb luck. You've got a 1 in 6 chance of hitting, no matter how good (or poor) you are with the weapon. IRL, skill does count when you're using automatic weapons.

I may have to work up some kind of homebrew rule for this. Combine v2/2.2's reduced number of rounds that can hit due to range, with 2013's bonuses to hit, and maybe go through some of my books for other systems and see what I can, adapt...for use in my campaign. IIRC, Shadowrun had a decent system (2nd and 3rd editions, anywya...I don't have 1st and haven't read 4th), though its been so long since I looked at my Shadowrun books, I can't remember for sure. Now I'm gonna have to go look that up....

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