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Originally Posted by B.T. View Post
I'm to lazy to look it up in the BYB, but I'm shure, that Mahatatain is right. You loose rounds/D20, depending on the range, but you roll for bullets, that can hit the enemy in V2.2!
And the chance of hitting is much less than 1 in 6 (as with v1 and v2.0) - in v2.2 you're rolling a task check against your Autogun skill for each bullet with a typical chance of hitting of 1 in 10 (1 or 2 on a D20) - the number of rolls you make is dictated by the number of rounds you fire, reduced by range and recoil.

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@ Mahatatain:
Man, your nickname is a nightmare to write: Too man "ta"s, if you ask me
Sorry - it's the name of an old character of mine that I loved but retired.
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