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Originally Posted by Cdnwolf View Post
Yes, Targan, tell us about these rules.

V2.2 (which I am running) has a confusing burst rule... if i get it right someone firing all five burst in one turn with an AKM (recoil 7) has to take (35 minus your strength) dice loss per burst... so someone with a strength of 8 would have to lose 27 dice when only firing 25... even at short range that brings it down to only 5 dice out of 25 hitting (minimum 1 dice rule)

Plus all automatic weapons are fired at the impossible difficulty level (.25) so even with a skill of 8 and a strength of 8 (total skill 16/4) would mean they would hit on a 4 or less ... almost impossible... and unrealistic
Yeah, that seems redonkulous.
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