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Originally Posted by B.T. View Post
Yes, that's what the rules say.
But keep in mind, that not-hitting dice are hold back. Half of the dice are rerolled imediately, to generate hits to "bystanders". Half of the dice, that are still missing are held back to generate hits to persons, that cross the Line of Fire, up to the firer's initiative step in the following Combat Turn.

Hm, unrealistic ... yes. But, as it is a gaming rule, it works in the game, to hold down an enemy with a carpet of bullets.
I really cant remember, if this applied to ver.1 and ver2.0.

An addition: After Mahatatain's post yesterday, I got aware, that I used a false interpretation of the rules all these years. Off course, the skill: Autogun should be used, because it is an automatic weapon. I allways used the Small Arms (Rifle) skill for tasks with battle rifles, assault rifles, and MPs/submachineguns. Autogun is reserved for heavy MGs and autocannons (I let the players chose, when they fire a medium MG. In this case they may use the skill that is higher.). This was a mistake, but still it worked, because most PCs have a higher skill in small arms, than they have in Autogun. I believe, I will stick to my wrong interpretation of the rules.
I've always gone with if the weapon uses a box or internal magazine, it uses Small Arms (rifel) and if it's belt fed or over .50 caliber, it uses Autogun.
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