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Hitting stuff in v2 or 2.2 with autofire is even harder that I think you indicated-- half of the misses that might get rolled at those standing nearby does not include the shots that aren't rolled for recoil. So in the example above, with the guy firing off most of the magazine in his AKM, gets 5 rolls at 4- to hit, and then half of what's left.

I've been reducing it even further, due to rules confusion. If range and recoil reduce the number of rolls, then it's down to 1 roll only beyond Short range for the above example.

It's something I haven't been happy with, but there it is.

Using a light MG or SAW on a bipod or tripod can generate huge amounts of rolls, if your character is super-strong. In my summer game, there was a kid playing who had a 10 Strength, an M249 SAW, and maxed-out Small Arms (rifle). He could fire 50 shots and get 42 rolls at Short range, at 4- to hit. He put down a lot of bad guys.
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