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Default ahem..

Originally Posted by General Pain
I totally agree Grae...

All the characters im my campaign and players I play allways have detailed pre-chargen history - how when and who...etc....

only 2 characters dead in 20 years!!!!!!! now that means either really soft GMs or a really lucky player or perhaps smart hehe...I must admit the one I'm playing now "General Pain" has survived 5 years (realtime) and 15 years gametime...though he has lost one arm and one leg , multiple stabs,burns ,aircrashes,drug overdoses,chainsaw attacks, blunt weapons to soft body parts, melee attacks, and probably somewhere between 100-250 bullet wounds including high calibre rounds, not forgetting some radiation damage , mental disorders, drinking problems ,sleep disorders, explosions and gravity related injuries he still is a feared and somewhat repsected figure in HQs enemies usually says "Why won't he die?"

On the other hand I lost count of all the characters I have lost in the years...

explosion/nervegass -
explosion/polish army-ammo storage facility - don't remember name
and many many more
I think you are laying it on a bit thick - there couldnt be more than 75 - 100 bullet/fragmentation wounds.

( Yeah , I know its cartoonesque - but then again its a game )
drowning ? I dont remember that one ..

Anyways as the new house dmg rules come into play everyones days are numbered ( PCs in the game I mean ).

So far I guess the casualty rate has been decent imho for our T2K game .Last I checked it was 4 or 5 KIAs for the PCs.
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