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Originally Posted by 3catcircus View Post
The Minneapols Protector is contained in the Undercover Arms Shooter Guide. I assume the .32ES wasn't in the ammo list because of the difficulty in finding it other than as a custom production nowadays.
The Minneapolis Protector uses .32 Protector, a Benet primed centerfire cartridge that's slightly smaller than the .32 Extra Short (0.365" case length to 0.390"). The .32ES (rimfire) was used by the Chicago Protector and Remington-Rider. The rimfire .32ES can be made by Roberson Cartridge Company, which uses an offset .22 blank as the rimfire method. I don't know of anyone making the centerfire .32ES, but a .32 BB cap is almost the same size (difference of .007 inches in case length).
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