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Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
Ah, but the Atlantis Project is about rebuilding Europe. The UK makes sense except that it is sure to get pasted in a Nuclear exchange. Canada is to far out of position.
IIRC, Atlantis was concerned with rebuilding the world, not just Europe.

If I am correct, then I could see several small PB's available to co-ordinate.

One in Switzerland (Europe) ( I do not know about this one. Switzerland might have survived, but the rest of Europe will glow in the dark for the next 1000 years.)

One in Congo (Africa)

One in Nepal (Main Land Asia) (Same problem as Switserland)

One in Chile (South America)

One of the small islands of Philipenes, or Indonesia for that corner of the world.

I would think that Middle East/North Africa is still glowing in the dark. Likewise India/Pakistan, South Africa and surrounds.

Russia, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, pretty much WASTED.

Australia, New Zealand, etc might have survived. Major cities are toast, but coast and interior might be ok.

South America could end up being the next Super Power. No real strategic targets, good agriculture areas esp. Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil. Some Oil production, some iron, coal etc for industries. They could just have enough to make it.

Northern Canada with all of its' raw materials should still be there.

Central Africa probably survived, however the tribal warfare would have devistated any hope of rebuilding.

My $0.02

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