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Default Bakersfield

Bakersfield has suffered badly for being a PacGov bastion and because of its subterran citadel of concrete bunkers and tunnels.

Unknown parties have detonated one B-83 or possibly similar nuclear bomb in the 500 kiloton range, targeting the industrial area outside the designated safe zone - completely obliterating it .Dozens of unending oilwell blazes spew up a thick black sooty smoke from several locations slowly spraying a trail across the ruins of the city it self .After its brief upswing as the administrative capitol of Gen Sanchezs units ,it yet again is a desperate refugee camp were no one is spared the wants of those better fit to fight.

A bomb of greater yield has hit the citys new center or the "Safe Zone " leaving a crater 400 meters across and almost 60 meters deep.All buildings within 6 kilometers have sustained ruining damage.The first kilometer there are very few structures still sticking up over the charred heaps of rubble.

But there is more.

"Sanchez uneasily shifted in his chair.The fake window with the closed drapes and the light behind them did not cheer him up this time.He strained his ears and waited .But not a sound came .No jackhammers chopping away.No sound carried trough muffling sand that gave away any engineer teams -digging their mines and blowing up whole sections of the controlled sector as he called it .Damn Mendez and his witless cronies trying to put one over on him.But he would get iyt back .All of it .As soon as he had digged a team in deep enough to drill their tiny holes and pump that gas in there.He hoped they would suffer .But even when he did get it all back - the fucking crater would still be there .Like giant tear in a map .

General Sanchez sits well protected within his bunker , and has parts of his stockpiles of ammo and supplies.He also has troops still ,but number is uncertain as only sporadic patrols can be seen above ground.The activity above ground sometimes escalate to skirmishing with Col.Mendez troops ,a renegade officer formerly on Sanchez staff.
A bitter civil war within the horrors of the situation pr say.On the bottom of a smoking nuclear crater to precise.
(The bunker system is of the "Moscow " variety - a subway of sorts ,modified with storage and berths and purpose built security measures.The bigwigs transport themselves around in their sector on electrical dresins , others walk or use pedal propelled dresins.It has kilometers of tunnel .)

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