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USS Intrepid was decommissioned in the mid 70's. It's unlikely to be in a decent shape by 95 let alone 2000. It's also damn close to Central Park which I believe is a bit of a stronghold for anti-government forces. They might get a bit upset at somebody taking "their" carrier".

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- for instance the Soviet Vehicle Guide specifically talks about the 49th Armoured Division having a BMP-C captured in 1999 that served with the division for a number of years and finally retired and serving as a decoration at their HQ.

Howling Wilderness says that the Milgov forces in the 90th Corps and Oklahoma are destroyed as fighting units by late 2001.

Sorry you cant have it both ways - you cant have one canon source say the division stayed intact and another saying it was destroyed.
I don't see any contradiction here at all. Note that Howling Wilderness states destroyed as a fighting unit, not completely and utterly wiped off the face of the planet.

The US 5th ID is another example of destroyed as a fighting unit, however we know they weren't killed to the last man and that there's still some respectably sized chunks of it in late 2000 floating about. give it a year or two and the 5th could have been reconstituted using surviving personnel, but perhaps at 10% of it's pre July 2000 strength.
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