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Originally Posted by Targan View Post
I have a dim, distant and therefore unreliable recollection of reading somewhere that in RL the Intrepid was not an easy vessel to move from it's T2K era mooring location because it was effectively silted in place. That would add an additional level of difficulty to any refurbishment of the vessel as a mobile platform, because if it's immobile due to its keel being glued to the river bottom by megatons of mud it won't easily become mobile again (obviously), and because any refurbishment on the scale required for a ship that long out of active service would need to be undertaken at an appropriate facility, not at a tourist dock in downtown Manhattan. Getting it to an overhaul facility would first require a large-scale, time and resource consuming dredging operation. That's a lot of preliminary work for a time-critical, resource-heavy project which carried a risk of becoming unfeasible or irrelevant over the time scale of the war.
Back when they did have to do some work on it in the early 2000s IRL they were worried that she wouldn't budge because of the silt, but a few gentle pulls with tugs and she slid right out.

My thinking was more postwar, during reconstruction, when a rebuilding US would have more time to devote to such things rather than "Get it out and fix it and get it into the war", but otherwise, spot-on.
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