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Actually Leg the one thing that I dont agree with is how fast the 49th's tank strength went down - the Mexicans werent attacking them and neither were the Russians. They were fighting marauders - but if you read Lone Star the average marauder is armed with at best machine guns and maybe Molotov's - and against a modern tank that is a one way ticket to a very lopsided victory by the tank, even against large numbers of such marauders.

By the way Leg you will find I am very open to new ideas and possibilities. I just hate direct contradictions - i.e. when one author says one thing and another says something different about supposedly the same events.

Oh and glad to see you are looking at my campaign story - I am putting it up not to blow my own horn but instead to have people see how my exposure as a player influenced my ideas about the game in general.

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