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I use a classless Cyberpunk 2020 modified with Twilight 2000 rules. I've adopted some version 2.2 skills and deleted or rationalised many cyberpunk skills.

I find the combat rules more realistic but quite (realistically) lethal. Players in my games find out that gung-ho individuals get hero's graves quite quickly. Due to the savage automatic fire rules and the fact that most of the player's body is unarmoured the players tend to become adept at 'fix-n'-fuck' tactics of suppressing and grenading the enemy. Fire combat is often quite wasteful of ammo, especially at short ranges.

I use a 'version one style' choose-what-you-like character generation system where everyone gets the same amount of skill points no matter what. This stops players seeking out terms in special forces for extra points and it means you don't have to do a term in support if you want to get scrounging. I also have a much lower rank table where nearly all players are privates for enlisted and lieutenants for officers, but you do occasionally get higher ranks. Rank and time in as I said has no effect on skills.

As for a setting I either play my own modified twilight 2000 (with tech up to 2010 to simulate the increased R&D and faster adoption time engendered by warfare) or present day that's become almost what I thought of as science fiction a few years back!
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