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Default Swedisng military manuals , maps and other documents of interests.

Good evening, after 16years of military service and a twilight 2000 player since 1994 ish I have accumulated a ridicule number of manuals, books some maps and other education material from the Swedish armed forces.

Mainly from the branches that I have worked (Airforce, Mechanised, Air defence and military hospital. It is huge amounts of book and some are duplicates (more then once) and some are not.

Now with an apparently younger (relatively) Twilight 2000 crowd out there is maybe the time to do something with all this materiel. I will talk with some people at work to found to what is the rule regarding the copyrights and how to “acquire” a license to reproduce this material or share it. It has been done by other companies so I would not be impossible with the right connections.
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