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Default Swedish MTLB

" Sweden – 460 (Locally designated Pbv 401, former East German, bought in 1993, then decommissioned gradually until the last 147 examples were sold to Finland in 2011)


Pbv 401 (pansarbandvagn) – modified former East-German vehicle with 7.62 mm machine guns Ksp 95 and Ksp 58.
Stripbv 4011 (stridsledningbandvagn) – battalion-level command post.
Bgbv 4012 (bärgningsbandvagn) – Swedish designator for the MTP-LB.
Rlpbv 4014/T (radiolänkbandvagn) – signals vehicle.
Stripbv 4021 (stridsledningbandvagn) – company-level command post.
Sjvpbv 4024 (sjukvårdspansarbandvagn) – Military ambulance.
Lvrbpbv 4016 (luftvärnsrobotbandvagn, "anti-air missile tracked wagon") – an unconfirmed designator for vehicles, equipped with RBS 70.
Pvrbbv 452 (pansarvärnrobotbandvagn) – with RBS 56 BILL 1 Anti-tank guided weapon.

From Swedish Wikipedia ( Google translate)

Norrlandsbrigad NB 85 was an organized war unit of brigade size that existed between 1985 and 2000. The unit was adapted for combat in roadless terrain. The units had their main war tasks within the upper Norrland military area (MILO ÖN) until 1994, when the focus of the Armed Forces' invasion defenses shifted from invasion across the land border in the north to attacks on "central parts" such as the metropolitan regions. The units lost some of their specialty in connection with this, due to access to road networks, where wheeled units can maintain a higher combat rate. Organization NB 85 was a further development of the former Norrland unions with organization NB 63 and NB 69R.

This Swedish manual is from the year 2000 and is for the NB units.
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