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I think the biggest problem with Object 279 is that there wasn't enough technical info available to calculate some of the game data even a few years ago but now that there is enough info, it's recognized as being a dead end for tank design.
However I'd still like to see it given some game stats

Other vehicles I'd like to see are from about the same period of time (the mid 1940s to the early 1970s) as there were number of vehicles designed or in service that are little known and are almost completely absent from any games (not just RPGs)
For example: -
The Canadian Bobcat APC (particularly as it was also being considered for a light tank by fitting it with the turret from the Scorpion light tank and as a carriage for a self-propelled gun).

No pics on the wiki page unfortunately so here's what it looked like.

The Nazi Germany Vollkettenaufklarer 38(t) Kätzchen APC

The West German Lkw (truck) 0.75t Borgward B2000 as
1. Borgward B2000 A/O Kübelwagen - unarmoured wheeled personnel carrier
2. Borgward B2000 A/O Pritsche - general service (GS) truck
The GS variant apparently served up to the mid 1970s.
Google translate page

The Swiss Nahkampfkanone 2 tank destroyer
To really appreciate how ugly it is, check out this page

The Swiss MOWAG Taifun tank destroyer. I love the look of this vehicle despite how lightly armoured it was!

The Swiss MOWAG Pirat IFV

The Swiss Saurer Tartaruga

The Hungarian 1 ton 4x4 truck Csepel 130
Simply because I really like the Dodge WC series of light trucks and the 130 was patterned on them.
Google translate page

The Japanese Toyota 2FQ-15 (which I believe was also known as the FQ-10 to FQ-15 series). Another vehicle patterned on a Dodge but this time the M37 model (although they seem to have made it ugly in the process!)

The French ELC project
And again, a Google translate page

The French AMX-50, much bigger brother to the AMX-13!

The French Somua SM, a French take on the Nazi German Tiger II
More Google translate pages

The French Lorraine 40t, while the Somua SM was inspired by the Tiger, the 40t was inspired by the Panther. And yes, it did use rubber tyres instead of steel for the running gear.
Another Google translate page

And another set of French vehicles but a personal favourite of mine, the Hotchkiss-Rive EVEN ELC series (AKA as the Light Fighting Unit or LFU series).
And the last Google translate page... I swear it's the last...

Apologies for the heavy reliance on Google translate, unfortunately some of the vehicles here also feature in the game World Of Tanks. The web is dominated by pages devoted to representations in that game so I have to search on French language sites to get real world info!
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