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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
Please send it to me again with the new pics. It is one I am planning to put in the next issue but want to make sure the pics are clean and not copyrighted in any way

And dont worry anyone if your stuff didnt make the cut this time - wanted to leave some for the next edition instead of going 80 plus pages

and let me emphasize that - its not making the cut - its just that I dont want a monster fanzine and then nothing left over for the 3rd volume - will have a better handle on how much material will come in and be able to really pace the size and number of submissions needed
Didn't mean to sound overly negative! I'm excited for this volume, but figured I'd messed something up with my article. Thanks for the good work, Olefin. I've got some new photos all bundled up to send with properly identified credits. All Public Domain, most from the National Archives.
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