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Status on Volume 3

American Samoa in Twilight 2000 - me (in process)

City of the Angels - how did the Soviet equipment get there - me (in process)

Chemical Warfare in Twilight 2000 by Michael Perkins (edited and ready)

Expanded Stage III medical rules for Twilight 2013 by Otso Ollikainen (edited and ready)

Matt Wiser - 1st Kill -

Matt Wiser - Air Forces, Middle East (in process of editing)

Mcchordsage - Port Security, Law Enforcement, and Coastal Forces Units in the Twilight War - edited and ready

Raellus - Rooks's Gambit bonus material- edited and ready

Joe Thomas - have a couple of things and deciding what to use

once done will publish and get to work on Volume 4 - so please keep the submissions coming
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