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(this led to some serious drift so I am moving it to our Male only thread )

Originally Posted by FrankieFisticuffs View Post
Thanks again for the warm welcome everyone.

Don't worry- I promise I won't make anyone wear pants or put on deoderant. I wouldn't want to cramp anyone's style. As far as the toilet seat bit, I wonder why I always hear women complaining about the toilet seat being up, but never hear men complaining that it's always down...Go figure.
There are certain things you can never be right about with women. Like when they ask you, "Do these make me look fat?" If you say no, they think you're lying, if you say nothing, they wonder what you're hiding, and for god sakes don't say yes!
Don't get killed. That's the other guys' job. -- Isaac Arthur

Entirely too much T2K stuff here:

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