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Radio Free America:

Radio Free America is the name of <name>'s daily talk radio show, airing five days a week on over 150 radio stations throughout the United States of America. It bills itself as being the most exciting radio talk show, and ranks tenth in national ratings. The show does not typically have guests on the show, although callers are given a chance to voice opinions.

Some of <name>'s biggest pet peeves are deceitful politics, crime, and illegal immigration. Some of the show's most outrageous antics have taken place during high-profile criminal trials. Targets of the show's bombast have included O. J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Robert Blake, and Michael Jackson.

But the most popular topic is current event and politics, both on the local/state and national levels. <name> has no problem taking on politicians of any political party who attempt to hide behind politico "doublespeak". He is also a supporter of the active enforcement of existing immigration laws and cutting off jobs to illegal immigrants by supporting the Minutemen and the US Border Patrol.

The show is generally broadcast directly from their studios in <city, state>, with guests usually appearing on the show via telephone. There are occasional remote broadcasts to the site of news or to various political rallies. The 5 p.m. hour is the most listened to hour of the show and is sometimes themed. In addition to politics and high profile trials, bizarre news stories are often discussed to fill out the hour. The hosts do not take many calls during the show unless they specifically ask for calls, and the phone number is announced very rarely outside of the designated call-in topics. One regular segment that does accept significant caller participation is The Hour of Outrage, where callers rant either about a topic selected by the host (i.e., the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams) or rant about any topic in general.

The Radio Free America Cast:
<name>, Host: adult <> ().
<name>, Co-Host: adult <> ().
<name>, Executive Producer: adult <> ().
<name>, Producer: adult <> ().
<name>, Technical Producer: adult <> ().
<name>, Production Assistant: adult <> ().
<name>, Writer: adult <> ().
<name>, Political Satirist: adult <> ().

Frequent Guests:
d, <d>: adult <> ().
d, <d>: adult <> ().
d, <d>: adult <> ().
d, <d>: adult <> ().
d, <d>: adult <> ().

Regular Guest Hosts:
d, <d>: adult <> ().
d, <d>: adult <> ().
d, <d>: adult <> ().
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