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Well, I hate to be grim but the above model I used was the survivable one.

The more likely model is that instead of the apocalypse-driven cooling of the planet there will instead be a continued heating. The temperate zones will become uninhabitable as the heat rises. Firstly there will be a human effort to climate-proof their homes and then cities (we are already seeing this) but the regrettable thing about this is that it uses about twice the energy we already use. Even if most of this energy is immediately turned to renewable sources it still puts energy into the system. As the planet heats it becomes more unable to shed heat due to the greenhouse effect, we're seeing this now in that chemicals used by the atmosphere to change methane are being changed by the heat so the methane-bomb is starting to gather momentum. This is the 'runaway greenhouse' referred to by climatologists.

The Morrow Project awakes to the same biosphere collapse and sea water levels but instead of a cold world they instead encounter a hot one.

It is unlikely that anything south of the continental United States of America is survivable. Before this the greatest migration to ever occur sends literally billions of humans north and society as we know it collapses. The food system is unable to deal with the collapse of the biosphere and the relocation of so many hungry mouths is not sustainable by any culture on Earth. The United States of America becomes primarily desert south of 37 latitude, but still inhabitable. However there are no flora and fauna meaning that any surviving populations must still move north. Project personnel awakening in this area must immediately relocate north to survive before their food is exhausted. Above 37 north to the former Canadian border the environment is an eerily silent hot area that may or may not be desert depending on whether any fauna is left alive to live there.

Canada is now temperate but as before mainly devoid of life. The bulk of hot-climate flora require insects to pollinate and thus only enclaves of life continue. There may be no survivors anywhere

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