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This scenario makes for a very different (and grimly interesting) take on the apocalypse and the world that the Project wakes up in.
Assuming Bruce sees this problem and makes the necessary adjustments to the Project, if we follow the canon placement of teams, there would be a number of them that would wakeup to find their boltholes under several metres of water.
It necessarily needs the GM to envisage how the landscape has changed due global sea level rise as well as having a bit of a think about changes to flora and faune due to the warming.

I think in this scenario, the need for the Project becomes self-evident but it would be pointless trying to re-establish the USA simply because conditions have changed too much for that to be achievable. I'd be inclined to think that the aim of the Project would shift to trying to preserve what remains of the USA and forging a new version of it from the aftermath. That doesn't appear at first glance to be any different from re-establishing the US but I point it out because I think it makes for some interesting gameplay scenarios, e.g. locating and recovering articles of US history, culture & society and preserving them or at the very least renewing them to educate the locals about who they used to be and where they've come from.
Preserving the spirit because they cannot preserve the body - sort of thing.
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