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Originally Posted by mmartin798 View Post
It actually sounds like the are using MCW/LRP. The backpack would have to be in the 4.25 cu ft range to hold the 60 person day rations.

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I found a PDF of study from the development of MCW, then know as RCW, and LRP, then known as RLW that is dated 1988. The RCW for 60 man days works out to 51.8Kg and 72.8l of volume. The RLW can in just a little heavier at 54.5Kg, but the same 72.8l. RLW are issued at a rate of 2 per day providing 4000 cal of energy. If you reduce it to one per day giving 2000 cal per day, you get close to the game numbers with 27.3Kg and 36.4l. When these rations got updated and called MCW/LRP, we might get into the range the rules show for weight if there was a modest increase. The molle large rucksack has a volume of 4000 cu in or 65.5l. So backpack is not that large either. MREs are just huge and heavy compared to the dehydrated MCW/LRP pouches. Also since the ration pack in the rules states the rations are dehydrated, they cannot be MREs.
LRRP/Cold Weather are dehydrated hiking entrée in an MRE form. I would replace canned juices with "Capri Sun" style pouches by now.
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