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Interesting foods a big issue the average MRE weighs I believe 600 grammes averaged out and provides a third of a days calories. Assuming the average active person needs 2 litres of water a day that also weighs 2 kilos.

Each team member needs 3.8 kilos a day, lets say 6 people in a team that's 22.8 kilos a day or 684 kilos for a month.

That's a lot of weight and bulk!

And unlike most militaries there's not going to be a base chow hall if you're in the recon for quite some time.

Using local water and food, in a polluted, post-apocalyptic famine-ridden environment isn't much of an option. You can't exactly say "we come in peace hand over your food."

And using MREs for to long is one of the biggest drains on morale for a unit.

I wonder if the project would go for a mixture of luxury MREs rather like the French or Italian models and spend some serious money on that, make them, themselves. But still expect the team to get by on high energy bars or other First strike style hitech foods?

Or would it be one of the cases of send them out as best prepared as possible and hope for the best.
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