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Hmm, found a data point on Daidalos farming: "The majority of Daidalosi live in the hills and valleys surrounding the village, running the small ranches and farms that produce a large portion of the community’s food." The "compound" known as the Facility (see below) is frustratingly not mapped, but is probably the size of a small airport (it has a runway and three missile launch gantries).

Daidalos does produce food for export: "They built and maintain an extensive system of canals, fields, greenhouses and agricultural labs which have led to highly productive farming on formerly barren land within the compound. Discoveries in botany and agronomy rival advances made just before the War. The residents of The Facility produce enough to adequately feed the citizens of the city-state and still have a modest surplus for trade with nearby settlements." Of course, "modest" is a vague term. "Overall, U.S. farmers export more than 20% of what they produce." ( ). And while food production might only use 0.45 hectares per person, the use of agriculture products for non-food purposes is quite extensive in the U.S.: for example, only 10% of corn production is used for human food, with much of it going to ethanol production (which Daidalos seems to use for a vehicle fuel).

Hmm, what's an advance in agronomy made in the 21st Century ("just before the war" for 4th Edition)? The lack of much information on what Daidalos is actually growing/raising makes it hard to be specific. Recycling of water, improved cultivars, precision agriculture, genetically-modified plants and animals, electronic field and yield records, satellite weather data (and forecasting), plant tattoos (sensors on plants) ... these are all examples of advances in agronomy in the 21st Century, which lead to that 0.45 hectare per person figure.

It's just kind of frustrating that for a scenario which tracks blood type, volatility, and other characteristics for dozens of non-player characters -- they couldn't be bothered to actually describe the region the players are supposed to defend and support.

Thanks for all the attention and feedback, mmartin798, it's much appreciated! Sometime this year I'll be running a modified version of the Operation: Daidalos scenario for our "classic-era" setting local campaign.

Michael B.
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