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Originally Posted by Project_Sardonicus View Post
I'm sure there have been multiple threads on this sort of thing, but this just popped up on my Youtube and I thought,
"Woe the project would definitely have this once it was invented!"

It's a 20mm grenade launcher designed to turn standard 20mm cannon rounds into a semi auto grenade launcher with an upto 1km range.

My only puzzle, is how the recoil managed so as not to break the shooter's shoulder?

But yeh I could picture most Commando v150s having one of these with a couple of empty clips stowed in the back.
I had some time to revisit this recently and it seems the Neopup PAW-20 is not as good a fit as thought above. The rounds for the RH-202 are 20x139mm rounds, which have a significant neck and shoulder on the case. The rounds used in the Neopup PAW-20 are 20x42mm with straight wall cases. These rounds would not be interchangeable, requiring logistic support for another round. My belief if that the benefits do not outweigh the added logistical overhead.
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